Blink Securetech

Assess. Score. Mitigate. Insure.

✓ Complete the assessment to receive a cyber risk score
✓ Easily presented on a online dashboard
✓ Risk is assessed on revenue, industry, regulatory, personnel and IT security

Risk Strategy

✓ Our customer strategy is driven by our assessment tool
✓ We help you understand your risk areas highest to lowest
✓ It then forms your business security strategy
✓ It helps you reduce your risk

Secure Network as a Service

✓ Use your current internet connection
✓ Receive one single black box which is managed remotely via internet or phone line
✓ Replaces your SD-WAN and firewalls
✓ All secure traffic routes through to Verizon secure data centre and not over public internet
✓ All non secure traffic routes over public internet
✓ Pay by the month

Cyber Security Training

✓ Online videos to train and educate your team by increasing awareness

Cyber Insurance

✓ Insurance Broking
✓ Let our assessment tell you the best policy for you

Simplified Cyber Risk Assessment


Our objective is to simplify and disrupt what appears to be a very complex and congested cyber risk market. Using innovative technologies and processes we help our clients improve their cyber risk resilience.

  • Unsecure

    67% of IT security practitioners are unable to detect which employees use insecure mobile devices, putting data at risk

  • Profiteering

    60% of employees who leave with secure data do so in the hope of profiting from it in the future

  • Human Error

    Human error is still the leading cause of cyber crime, at 58% globally

  • Tech Error

    42% of data breaches are caused by tech errors

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